Why Choose HDPE Pipe Products?

High density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) is a superior and more cost-effective option than many other piping products for virtually any project. Gajeske’s HDPE piping systems offer a 100-year operating life, leak-free operating system, and 100% gas/fluid transfer.

HDPE systems are easier to install than other piping systems, providing water conservation and safe delivery of natural gas where needed.

Additional benefits of using HDPE piping products:

  • Can be used in aboveground, sub-surface, buried, and slip-lined applications
  • Are heat-fused, joint-free, and graded for high pressure, making them extremely durable
  • Superior chemical and corrosion resistance, along with UV protection for long life
  • Used in seismic areas throughout the world due to their flexibility and durability
  • Used in low-pressure gas applications creating leak-free piping for greater safety and long life
  • Results in reduced carbon emissions for manufacturing, transportation, and construction applications
  • Leak-free systems increase water conservation for the future

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