Rental & Repairs

Authorized McElroy Service Center

offering an array of rental equipment and repair services

McElroy Fusion Equipment

McElroy fusion machines with fusion capabilities of ½” – 48” and all related parts and accessories

As a McElroy Authorized Service Center, Gajeske currently employs multiple McElroy-Certified Master Mechanics and has the capability to service, warranty, and repair all McElroy equipment and parts. We also possess an entire fleet of McElroy fusion equipment for sale or rent.

Thompson Pumps

Thompson Pumps available with capabilities from 4” – 18”

Gajeske carries a full line of Thompson Pumps available for sale or rent. We also offer in-house and field repair services for pumps by highly qualified and trained mechanics.

Electrofusion Processors

Multiple diverse electrofusion processors for sale or rent, with certified mechanics on-call to perform repairs

Gajeske has partnered with Georg Fischer Central Plastics, Tega Strongbridge, and Friatec to provide our customers with an array of electrofusion options.

Also available for rent: Squeeze Tools, Generators, and Trailers

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  • Corporate Headquarters
    6200 N Houston Rosslyn Rd
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