Fast Fusion

What is Fast Fusion?

Fast Fusion is an innovative technology that is used in accordance with industry pipe-joining procedures and creates a safer, more controlled work environment in order to both eliminate failed fusions during the welding of polyethylene pipe, and increase efficiency and productivity. The Fast Fusion procedure is for butt fusion-joining of PE pipe produced in accordance with the industry standards intended for butt fusion.

Features and Benefits of Fast Fusion
  • Machine is self-contained and fully automatic
  • Only requires one operator
  • Creates a safer work environment
  • Increases productivity and efficiency, as it can run day and night shifts
  • A climate-controlled cabin protects the fusion operator and all operations from the elements.
  • This all-weather cabin also eliminates failed fusions by controlling the environment surrounding the weld.
  • Self-loads pipe into the machine and eliminates pull-and-drag of pipe with hydraulic handling
  • The joint is held completely immobile under fusion force until it has cooled enough to achieve the proper strength.
  • Ideal for main line fusions and log runs of pipe of about 10,000 ft. or more
  • With a cool pack halo around the fusion bead, the cooling time is based on 3.7 minutes per inch of wall thickness, compared to conventional fusion at 11 minutes per inch of wall thickness.
  • Fast Fusion “Cool Pack” models are self-contained skid mount units that are installed or attached to existing known and approved fusion equipment, and contain Fast Fusion cool time weld bead temperature control equipment.
  • All Fast Fusion equipment is operated by either a PLC or micro-processor that is programmed with Fast Fusion proprietary software that controls the Fast Fusion method of removing heat from the weld zone and heat affected zone of the fusion weld. The Fast Fusion software program is based upon an electronic menu from which the technician selects the pipe being fused, and the OD and SDR which has a specific input code that controls the weld bead temperature.
Gajeske’s Fast Fusion Fleet and Techs
  • Six Fast Fusion Fast Trac20s, capable of fusing pipe from 6” to 20”
  • Over 100 conventional McElroy Trac fusion machines for tie-ins and fabrication
  • 45 certified fusion technicians, all with a minimum of two years of fusion experience as well as Fast Fusion certifications, McElroy certifications, Gajeske fusion certifications, Safeland, H2s, and some MSHA certifications
Gajeske’s West Texas and New Mexico Team
  • Four in-field superintendents to supervise and assist fusion techs
  • Three in-field service mechanics
  • Two Gajeske safety specialists available to be present on-site upon request
  • Our Midland-Odessa location also stocks all Fast Fusion and McElroy repair parts for all equipment.
Gajeske’s Fast Fusion Resumé

All jobs listed below were performed by Gajeske fusion technicians

  • 52,000’ of 16” SDR 11 XRI Blue (under CCI)
  • 20,000’ of 12” SDR 7 Chevron (under D&D Pipeline)
  • 22,000’ of 14” SDR 9 Chevron (under Crossfire, LLC)
  • 19,000’ of 16” SDR 11 Targa (under Ultra Pipeline)
  • 35,000’ of 6” SDR 11 Aequar, LLC
  • 30,000’ of 16” SDR 7 Shell (under Bottom Line Services)
  • 15,000’ of 12” SDR 7 Shell (under Bottom Line Services)
  • 26,000’ of 10” SDR 11 EP (under Absolute Pipeline Services)
  • 9,000’ of 20” SDR 11 DCP (under Watkins Construction)
  • 30,000’ of 16” SDR 11 XRI Blue (under MD Energy Services)
  • 528,000’ of 20” SDR 7 Anadarko (under Kingsley Constructors, Inc.)
Fast Fusion Trac20 Product Specifications
Fast Fusion and ASTM/ISO Standards

Fast Fusion technology meets ISO-21307 and ASTM-F2620 standards, and is consistent with industry and regulatory guidelines for qualification for industry pipe joining procedures for polyethylene pipe.

Testing Completed:
  • ISO 21307 – ISO 1167-1, ISO 1167-3, and ISO 1167-4 for long term 1,000 hr. 80C Testing
  • ASTM F2634
  • ASTM D638
  • ASTM 714
  • ASTM 2513-04a – 1,000 hr. 80C Testing
  • ASTM 1598-02

For PE 4710, PE 2406, PE 3408, PE 80, and PE 100

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