Harvey Svetlik
Harvey Svetlik, P.E.

Registered Professional Engineer, Texas #49348


Mr.  Svetlik has contributed over 40 years of experience to the plastic pipe extrusion industry, specializing in extruded Polyethylene Pipe and Fabricated Fittings.   Well-respected for his knowledge and expertise, he is sought nationally by many major polyethylene pipe manufacturers and fabricators for engineering guidance, pipe and fittings design recommendations, new equipment recommendations, installations, process and equipment troubleshooting, and a variety of other industry-related challenges.   Mr. Svetlik holds 15 patents nationally and internationally. He is considered by many to be one of the most innovative thinkers and problem solvers in the industry.

Always thinking on the cutting edge, he has developed products and processes widely used across the industry. With exceptional knowledge, lifetime experience, and keen logical understanding of the polyethylene plastic pipe industry, he brings an unequalled ability to communicate this knowledge to others.  He has taught material characteristics and plastic pipe design principles to hundreds of people, in classrooms and seminars throughout the years. His registered professional mechanical engineering degree, background, and training skills combined with a broad knowledge of the industry have proved beneficial to employees at all levels of plastic polyethylene pipe utilization.  Mr. Svetlik has written and helped compose standards for AWWA, ASTM, NACE, FM, and others.  He is a significant contributor to ASME BPVC HDPE WG, ASCE Earthquake and ASCE Thrust Restraint committees, ASTM Plastic Pipe and Fittings Standards development, AWWA #263 Committee on Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings, and API Standards for Polyethylene Pipe and Liner.  As a Plastic Pipe Institute member, he was recently awarded the Emeritus Lifetime Member Status, based on his many technical contributions to PPI over the last 40 years.   We look forward to his future contributions over the next decade.

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