GPS-1001              Credit Application Form

GPS-1002              Tax Exemption Certificate

GPS-1003              Tax Exemption Form

GPS-1004              Inside Sales Managers List / Territory

GPS-1005              Regional Sales Managers List / Territory

GPS-1006              International Managers

GPS-1007              Terms and Conditions of Sale

GPS-1008              Company History & Timeline

GPS-1109              Company Core Values

GPS-1101              Heat Fusion Joining Procedures and Qualification Guide

GPS-1102              ASTM F2620 Generic Fusion Procedures

GPS-1103              GPS Butt-Fusion Joining Procedures – PE4710

GPS-1104              GPS Saddle Fusion Joining Procedures – PE4710

GPS-1105              GPS Socket Fusion Joining Procedures – PE4710

GPS-1106              GPS Butt-Fusion Joining Procedures – PE2406

GPS-1107              GPS Saddle-Fusion Joining Procedures – PE2406

GPS-1108              GPS Socket-Fusion Joining Procedures – PE2406

GPS-1109              GPS Generic Electrofusion Coupling Joining Procedures – Small Diameter

GPS-1110              GSP Generic Electrofusion Coupling Joining Procedures – Large Dimeter

GPS-1111              Fundamentals of Heat Fusion Joining

GPS-1112              Butt-Fusion Video

GPS-1113              Saddle Fusion Video

GPS-1114              Socket Fusion Video

GPS-1115              Fusion-Joint Guided Side-Bend Procedure

GPS-1201              GPS Quality Policy Statement

GPS-1202              GPS Quality Assurance Manual

GPS-1203              GPS Approved Vendor List (Audited Suppliers, ISO 9001 Suppliers, Certificates)

GPS-1204              Approved Polyethylene Resins

GPS-1205              Compliance with Standards



GPS-1301              Oil-Patch / Energy / Gas-Gathering Applications

GPS-1302              Long & Large Diameter Transmission Pipelines

GPS-1302.10        LDP – Gajeske LD Polyethylene Pipelines

GPS-1303              MDPE Gas Distribution

GPS-1304              HDPE Gas Distribution

GPS-1305              Potable Water Distribution

GPS-1306              Waste-Water (Sewer) Systems

GPS-1307              Sand and Gravel and Dredging

GPS-1308              Slurry Pipelines and SX-Mining Pipe Systems

GPS-1309              Fire-Water Protection <FM> Pipe and Components

GPS-1310              District Energy / Heating/ Cooling TES/ PE-RT

GPS-1311              Landfill Pipe Systems

GPS-1312              Power Plant Systems

GPS-1313              Geothermal

GPS-1314               Culverts and Drainage

GPS-1315              GPS Marine Flotation, Work-Boats, and Barges

GPS-1316              Precision Fabrications / Tanks / Manifolds

GPS-1317              Fittings


GPS-1329.10        PBP – Generic Pipe Bursting Presentation

GPS-1329.20        PBP – Static Pipe Bursting

GPS-1401              IPS Pipe – PE4710 Size, SDR & Pressure Chart

GPS-1401              DIPS Pipe- PE4710 Size, SDR & Press Chart

GPS-1419              IPS Grey Sewer Pipe – PE4710 – Dia & Press Chart

GPS-1420              IPS PE-RT  PE4710 Dia and Pressure Charts – Color Stripes

GPS-1402              **AWWA Water Distr Fittings & Drawings

GPS-1403              **MDPE Gas Distr Fittings and Drawings

GSP-1404              **HDPE Gas Distr Fittings Catalog and Drawings

GPS-1405               **Sewer System Fittings Catalog

GPS-1406              **Slurry /Abrasion Mine Fittings Catalog and Drawings

GPS-1407              **Landfill Fittings Catalog

GPS-1408              **Oil-Patch / Gas Gathering Fittings Catalog

GPS-1409              **<FM> Fittings Catalog and Drawings

GPS-1410              >>Oil Patch GPS Pipe System Specification

GPS-1411              >> Water GPS Pipe System Specification

GPS-1412              >> Sanitary Sewer & Force-main  & Reclaim GPS Pipe System Specification

GPS-1413              >> Slurry & Mining GPS Pipe System Specification

GPS-1414              >>  <FM> GPS Pipe System Specification

GPS-1415              >>  GPS Pipe System Specification

GPS-1416              >> Geothermal GPS Pipe System Specification

GSP-1416              >> PE-RT Pipe System Specification

GPS-1417              <FM> Listings

GPS-1418              Vendor ISO-9001  Certificates

GPS-1419               Project Reference Lists (By Market Application)

GPS-1420              Terms and Conditions of Sale

GPS-1421              Gajeske Pipe Products and Markets

GPS-1422              Gajeske  Pipe Advantages




GPS-1501              Field Bending of Ductile Tough Polyethylene Pipe

GPS-1502              Management of Thermal Effects on Polyethylene Pipe

GPS-1503              Thermal Re-rating Factors for Polyethylene Pipe

GPS-1504              Application Design Factors for Polyethylene Pipe

GPS-1505              “Pull-In” Drag Load Calculation and Management ( HDD, Pipe Bursting, Sliplining)

GPS-1506              Hydrostatic & Pneumatic Testing of Polyethylene Pipe

GPS-1507              “Squeeze-Off” of Polyethylene  Pipe – Tools and Procedures

GPS-1508              Flange Adapter Connections and Bolting

GPS-1509              Mechanical Joint (MJ) Connection and Bolting

GPS-1510              Transition Fitting Connections

GPS-1511              Mechanical Joining of Polyethylene Pipe

GPS-1512              Above-Ground Polyethylene Pipe Supports

GPS-1513              Compressed Inert-Gas  and Compressed Air Services, using Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings

GPS-1514              Earthquake Resistant Ductile Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings

GPS-1515              HDPE vs PVC    ( Presentation )

GPS-1516              HDPE vs Ductile Iron (Presentation)

GPS-1517              Slurry Abrasion Resistance of Polyethylene Pipe

GPS-1518              District Energy – District Heating – District Cooling – CHP – TES

GPS-1519              <FM> Factory Mutual Polyethylene Underground Pipe and Fittings

GPS-1520              Understanding WPR and Fatigue

GPS-1521              Understanding Color Stripes on Polyethylene Pipes

GPS-1522              Gajeske Approved PE4710 Resins

GPS-1523              Polyethylene Pipe  MSDS

GPS-1524              Polyethylene Pipe Standards (lIsting)

GPS 1525               Gajeske 1-800-HotLine  Technical and Emergency Assistance


GPS-1601              OQ Training

GPS-1602              Fusion Machine Training On-Site – EPC’s

GPS-1603              Fusion Machine Sales -Repairs – Rentals – with Operators.

GPS-1604              Fusion Weld Testing

GPS-1605              Third Party Hydrostatic Testing

GPS-1606              Third Party HDPE Project Inspectors  IAW Standards.

GPS-1607              Third Party  NDT  Pipe and Fusion Inspections

GPS-1608              Polyethylene Pipe Project Consulting & Guidance

GPS-1609              Large Diameter Fittings Handling and Burial Recommendations




GPS-1701              Shipping and Unloading Safety Video

GPS-1702              Polyethylene Pipe Standard Packaging Manual

GPS-1703              Truck-Load Strapping Guideline Table

GPS-1704              Safety Warning Labels

GPS-1705              Pipe Truck-Strip-Loads, with Straps and Chocks

GPS-1706               Mixed Pipe-Diameter Truck-Load Policy

GPS-1707              Contractor/Owner Receiving Recommendations

GPS-1708              Contractor/Owner Unloading Recommendations

GPS-1709              Large Diameter Fittings and Fabricated Assembly Handling Recommendations

GPS-1710              Coils and Reels



GPS-1801              PPI Publications

GSP-1802              PPI MAB

GPS-1803              PPI Energy Division Education presentations

GPS-1804              PPI M&I Division Education Presentations

GPS-1805              PPI Geothermal Education Presentations

GPS-1806              PPI Corrugated Pipe Education Presentations

GPS-1807              AGA






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