A regional distributor of Thompson Pumps, Gajeske offers sales and rentals of the entire Thompson product line, as well as technician services for installation, pump set-up, monitoring, consulting, and even full system design.

These high quality, heavy duty pumps are designed for the most rigorous applications, such as:

Temporary Bypass

Emergency Back-up

Fire Water


Emergency Back-up

Hydrostatic Testing

Lift Stations


Plant Water Supply

Fluid Transfer

Pit Dewatering

Truck Fill Stations

Slurry Transport


Oil Patch Water

Transfer and Supply


Cell Collection and Dewatering

Dry Prime Pumps

Solids Handling

With dry running oil-less vacuum (OVT) automatic priming, this eco-friendly pump with no recirculation oil or contact rotors is state of the art in handling liquids with larger solids up to 4 inches as well as air. High pressure, capacity and performance all in a rugged heavy-duty centrifugal pump.

With automatic priming and 4-inch solids handling, the JSC compressor-assisted pump series leads the industry in sewer bypass, emergency response and any high head/high-volume applications. Heavy duty, dry-priming with auto-start and compact design options, this pump is the ideal solution.

This open trash and sewage dry priming pump designed with an auxiliary vacuum pump delivers the fastest priming available with high volume pumping of liquids and air. The perfect choice for high lift applications, including liquids with abrasives or suspended solids.

Able to run dry with simple low-cost maintenance, the TSV with quick vacuum-assisted priming is easy to operate. Built with heavy-duty cast iron construction for robust operation, this pump is a great choice for all types of construction applications and waste treatment.

The automatic priming trash/sewage TSC pump handles solids up to 3.35 inches. Using the compressor assisted self-priming Enviroprime System® this pump eliminates the need for a cumbersome leak off tube to direct and capture effluent.

Thompson HTC series compressor-assisted pumps are engineered to provide consistent and dependable service on the most difficult jobsites. These pumps are used in a wide variety of applications including storm water pumping, open pumping and sewage bypassing where moderate air handling is required.  With its heavy-duty cast-iron construction, ability to self-prime and re-prime automatically, this simple and low-cost maintenance pump series will work harder for you than any other wet-prime trash pump on the market. Equipped with the exclusive Enviroprime System® compressor-assisted dry priming system prevents blow-by, such as sewage and waste, from discharging onto the ground, making this unit environmentally safe.


Available in single and double diaphragm models, this pump can be indefinitely run dry without damage to the unit. An excellent choice for pumping muddy water, sludge or any liquid with a high percentage of solids up to 2.375 inches in size, this versatile pump is lightweight yet highly resistant to abrasive and corrosive liquids.

Wet Prime Pumps


Built with a lightweight yet durable cast aluminum housing as well as a heavy-duty steel roll cage for protection, this self-priming utility trash pump is extremely portable and versatile. Able to handle solids up to 1.75 inches, it’s a perfect choice for small dewatering jobs.

This open trash self-priming centrifugal pump passes solids up to 3 inches making it a perfect choice for sewage bypass as well as dewatering. Build with heavy-duty cast iron construction, this dry running pump is robust and cost-efficient.

The economical and rugged heavy-duty trash pump provides an economical self-primer with simple low cost maintenance for flood control, dewatering and sewage bypass.  Able to handle solids up to 3 inches the HT is available in sizes of 4 to 8 inches.


With an 8 and 12-inch rotary pump that handles both air and water, the positive displacement with constant suction makes this pump the ideal choice for all wellpoint applications. All wetted parts are abrasion and corrosion resistant combined with polyurethane rotors and stainless steel wear plates.

Consuming only 5 gallons of fuel per day, the PW pump is the economical choice for wellpoint or sock dewatering. This high suction lift, high air handling pump is self-priming and is available with a sound attenuated enclosure.

Hydraulic Submersible

Designed to eliminate suction lift limitations in deep manholes or excavations over 25 feet deep, the Hydraulic Submersible pump handles up to 4 ¼- inch solids and pumps efficiently at heads up to 240 feet. Available with variable speed controls and auto-start, the low oil level/high oil temp shutdown system and third line for seal blow-out protection assure trouble free use and low maintenance costs.

The accompanying HST heavy duty submersible pumps range from 3 to 12 inches and include delivery and return hoses with quick disconnects. Available with enviro-friendly biodegradable lubricants and slurry gates, the HST with replaceable wear plates and cut waters as well as tungsten carbide mechanical seals with Viton elastomers is an economical choice.

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