Plastic piping solutions for gas, water, corrosive materials, and more.

A far better and more cost-effective option than other piping products, high-density and medium-density polyethylene pipe is built to provide years of service without corrosion, leaks, or material build-up.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) – PE 4710 (3608/3408)

High density polyethylene pipe is a cost-effective solution for all projects. Our products can be utilized above ground, sub-surface, buried, and slip-lined. Graded for high pressure, heat-fused and joint-free HDPE is extremely durable and has a high resistance to chemicals and corrosion, which makes this material ideal for nearly any application.

  • ½” – 63” Diameters
  • DR 7 – DR 32.5
  • Pressure Ratings up to 350 psi
  • 40 & 50 Foot Lengths
  • Coils up to 6” Diameter
  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Color Striping Available

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Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) – PE 2708 (2406)

Medium density polyethylene pipe, mostly for gas transmission and distribution, offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional steel pipe applications. Due to its ease of installation and excellence in operational performance, MDPE pipe has been the material of choice for natural gas applications for over 50 years.

  • ½” CTS – 12” IPS diameters for natural gas
  • 2” – 24” IPS diameters for all other applications
  • DR 7-17 available, DR 11 being standard for natural gas
  • 40’ lengths or 500’ coils
  • Available in solid yellow for natural gas


*Note: NEVER use yellow MDPE pipe for any potable water applications as it does not undergo toxicology testing and may be harmful if water from the pipes is consumed.

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 Polyethylene Raised Temperature Pipe (PE-RT)

Polyethylene Raised Temperature Pipe (PE-RT) meets the higher demands of the processed oil/gas and industrial water markets by utilizing Intrepid 2499-NT, which possesses superior heat and abrasion properties and can withstand a continuous 180°F.

Size Range:
• PE-RT™ pipe is extruded in 4” to 36” IPS diameters
• Pressure-rated PE-RT™ fittings for 4” to 36” IPS also available


Benefits of Multi-Layered Pipe:

Material Economy: PE-RT™ pipe is comprised of two layers; and inner layer of Raised Temperature pipe, and an outer layer of standard PE 4710. While RT is more expensive, the use of standard-cost PE4710 on the outer layer lowers the cost of the pipe without compromising its quality and endurance.

Reduced Solar Heat Absorption: Unlike standard black thermoplastic pipe, Gajeske PE-RT™ white pipe reflects 68% of solar UV and IR energy, allowing it to maintain a higher pressure rating and extending the life of the pipe by many decades. A higher pressure rating ultimately translates to increased pipeline capital and operating savings through the use of fewer pump stations and/or smaller pumps.

Quality Control: As the layers of PE-RT™ pipe are different colors, defects or damage to the pipe is immediately apparent as the inner layer color may be seen from the outside of the pipe. No other pipe on the market today offers this benefit.

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HDPE corrugated pipe is ideal for municipal, industrial and irrigation applications such as sanitary sewers, storm drainage and retention/detention due to its durability and high resistance to corrosion. Available in single, dual and triple wall thicknesses, multiple joining systems and perforation options, there is an HDPE corrugated pipe for any type of liquid application.

  • Single-Wall pipe from 3” – 24”
  • Dual-Wall pipe from 4” – 60”
  • Triple-Wall pipe 3” and 4”


*Note: Gajeske, Inc. works exclusively with Advanced Drainage Systems for all our corrugated pipe. As an ADS distributor, we have the ability to provide our customers with everything that ADS has to offer.

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Continuous-length HDPE conduit pipe available for the Electric Utility, Irrigation, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, CATV and Data Voice industries. In addition to a wide variety of standard conduit sizes, custom configurations are also available to meet almost any installation requirement.

  • Standard Colors Include: Black, Gray, Red, Orange, White, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Terra Cotta.
  • Other Options Include: Embedded Stripes, Pull Tape, Rope, Lube, 1-4 Compartment Put-Ups, and Cable-In-Conduit.
  • Available Sizes Range from 13mm – 6”

PVC pipe and fittings available at our Dallas location in white and grey for plumbing applications as well as for use as electrical conduit and for telecommunication cable and fiber optics.

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More sizes and/or DR’s may be available, please contact our sales representatives for more information.

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