Molded & Fabricated

Molded & Fabricated Fittings

Providing fittings for every type and size of pipe, in every configuration, for every application.

Gajeske boasts a sizeable on-hand inventory of injection-molded and fabricated fittings as well as an array of polyethylene adapters and backing rings, bolts, and all related accessories. In addition, we carry a large selection of electrofusion fittings, mechanical fittings, and everything needed for any gas distribution project.

Molded Fittings

  • PE4710/3408 fittings are engineered for use on HDPE Pipe
  • PE2708/2406 fittings are engineered for use on MDPE Pipe
  • Pressure rated for natural gas and potable water applications (based on fitting DR)
  • Can be joined by butt, socket, sidewall, or electrofusion
  • Can be used with all conventional fusion equipment
  • HDPE molded fittings are FM rated for liquid applications and manufactured to meet the same SDR as HDPE Pipe
  • All fittings are manufactured and rigorously tested to ensure optimal quality and reliability in the field.
  • Up to 12”

Fabricated Fittings


Up to 63”

For larger, more complex projects, fabricated fittings are another great option Gajeske offers. All fabricated fittings are produced from pressure-rated PE4710 Polyethylene resin and are available in standard HDPE or FM approved HDPE for liquid applications.

Please Note: Purchase of any pipe and/or fittings larger than 24” requires that either one of our certified technicians perform the fusion or that the customer’s choice of fusion technician be properly certified.

More sizes and/or DR’s may be available, please contact our sales representatives for more information.

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