Providing fittings for every type and size of pipe, in every configuration, for every application.

Gajeske boasts a sizeable on-hand inventory of injection-molded and fabricated fittings as well as an array of polyethylene adapters and backing rings, bolts, and all related accessories. In addition, we carry a large selection of electrofusion fittings, mechanical fittings, and everything needed for any gas distribution project.

Molded Fittings

PE4710/3408 & PE2708/2406
Up to 12”


  • PE4710/3408 fittings are engineered for use on HDPE Pipe
  • PE2708/2406 fittings are engineered for use on MDPE Pipe
  • Pressure rated for natural gas and potable water applications (based on fitting DR)
  • Can be joined by butt, socket, sidewall, or electrofusion
  • Can be used with all conventional fusion equipment
  • HDPE molded fittings are FM rated for liquid applications and manufactured to meet the same SDR as HDPE Pipe
  • All fittings are manufactured and rigorously tested to ensure optimal quality and reliability in the field.

Fabricated Fittings

Up to 63”

For larger, more complex projects, fabricated fittings are another great option Gajeske offers. All fabricated fittings are produced from pressure-rated PE4710 Polyethylene resin and are available in standard HDPE or FM approved HDPE for liquid applications.

Please Note: Purchase of any pipe and/or fittings larger than 24” requires that either one of our certified technicians perform the fusion or that the customer’s choice of fusion technician be properly certified.

Fittings for Gas Distribution

Molded Fittings for Gas Distribution range in size from ½” – 10” for butt, socket, and sidewall fusion processes.

  • Available in HDPE and MDPE.
  • PE4710/3408 HDPE is solid black in color (with a yellow stripe to indicate natural gas) and is an excellent option for high-pressure gas applications.
  • PE2708/2406 MDPE is solid yellow in color and is the material of choice for the Gas Distribution market.

Electrofusion Fittings

Electrofusion Fittings are manufactured to include and integral identification resistor that is recognized by the corresponding processors and will automatically set the proper fusion parameters. All electrofusion fittings have an ISO compliant barcode label that enables the simple input of correct fusion heating and cooling times.

Mechanical Fittings

Repair Clamps, Sleeves, and Couplings
  • Universal Clamp Couplings
  • Universal Clamp Coupling with Removeable Lug
  • All Stainless Steel Universal Clamp Couplings
  • Fabricated Lug Stainless Steel Repair Clamp
  • Heavy Duty All Stainless Steel Repair Clamp
  • Large Diameter and Non-Standard Contour Pipe Repair Sleeve
  • Steel Couplings
  • Ductile Iron Couplings
  • Optimum Range Couplings
  • Flanged Coupling Adapters
Service Saddles and Tapping Sleeves
  • Service Saddle with Double Stainless Steel Straps (3/4” thru 2-1/2” outlets, 2” – 24”)
  • Tapping Sleeves (6” size and larger, contact JCM for smaller sizes)
  • Tapping Sleeves with Mechanical Joint Outlet*
  • Stainless Steel Tapping Sleeve with Outlet Seal Gasket
  • Stainless Steel Tapping Sleeve with Mechanical Joint Outlet*
  • Fabricated Threaded Outlet Tapping Sleeve (1/2” – 4” Outlets)
  • Stainless Steel Threaded Outlet Tapping Sleeve
Compression Couplings

Compression Couplings from Victaulic®
• For Plain end HDPE Pipe – 2-8”/63-225mm
• For HDPE-to-Steel Pipe – 2-8” IPS HDPE to 2-8”/50-200mm IPS Grooved Steel and 63-225mm ISO HDPE to 2-8”/50-200mm ISO Grooved Steel, designed to provide a single transition from plain end HDPE pipe to grooved steel sized piping system components
• For Double Grooved HDPE Pipe – 8-36” IPS and 250-900mm ISO
All Victaulic® Couplings are designed for use with HDPE pipe from SDR 7 to 17 and meet or exceed the pressure rating of the HDPE pipe.


Tools & Accessories
  • Cathodic Protection Test Stations
  • Anodes
  • Pipeline Markers
  • Chart Recorders
  • Marker Balls
  • Half Cells
  • Gas Detectors
  • Gauges
  • Digital Multimeters
Adapters & Backing Rings


More sizes and/or DR’s may be available, please contact our sales representatives for more information.

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