TracStar® 28

TracStar® 28

2″ IPS – 36″ OD

All McElroy TracStar® Machines are self-contained, self-propelled, all-terrain, have a removable 3 or 4 jaw carriage, dual speed tracks, a centerline guidance system, serrated jaws and inserts, thrust-bearing equipped clamp knobs, hydraulic facers, semi-automatic hydraulic control systems, ISO-compliant industrial Teflon-coated heater plates, self-locking brakes, are Datalogger compatible, have on-board generators, an automated machine option, dual hydraulic pipe lifts, and hydraulic clamping available.

2” IPS – 8” DIPS

High and low-force cylinder TracStar® 28 machines available, with battery disconnect for easy lockout, 8+ hours operational fuel tank capacity, combination unit available for sidewall fusion, and removable cowling design.

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