Fabricated Fittings

Fabricated Fittings

Please Note: Purchase of any pipe and/or fittings larger than 24” requires that either one of our certified technicians perform the fusion or that the customer’s choice of fusion technician be properly certified.
In-House Fabrication at Gajeske


Up to 63”

For larger, more complex projects, fabricated fittings are another great option Gajeske offers. All fabricated fittings are produced from pressure-rated PE4710 Polyethylene resin and are available in standard HDPE or FM approved HDPE for liquid applications.

Up to 63”

  • Now lower in cost, take less time to fabricate, and have tighter bends than old style fittings.

Branch Saddle Reducing Tees with up to 36” outlets

Line Tees with Reducer for outlets larger than 36”

Up to 54”

45° Lateral Wyes

True Equal Wyes

Branch Saddle Reducing 45° Lateral Wyes

Up to 36”

  • Fully Pressure Rated without ID flow restriction
  • Elbows, Tees, Reducing Tees, Wyes and Laterals available

Up to 54”

  • Pressure rated at 80% of SDR

Up to 20” IPS

  • SDR 11 & 17

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    More sizes and/or DR’s may be available, please contact our sales representatives for more information.

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