Whether the project calls for gravity flow or forced main applications, Gajeske can supply the non-disruptive polyethylene piping systems needed for any potable water or sewer main installation. Gajeske offers an extensive HDPE pipe selection, a complete line of McElroy fusion equipment for sale and rent, and HDPE, mechanical, and electrofusion fittings that meet every need of municipal projects.

Additionally, Gajeske stocks a large inventory of HDPE corrugated pipe, offering a cost-effective option for municipalities to meet growing demands for drainage solutions.




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Partnering with Oscar Renda Contracting, Gajeske was instrumental in the completion of the San Antonio River Outfall Pipeline Project. This project consisted of a new 48” Sanitary Sewer Main, three Siphon Systems including a 36” Sanitary Sewer Siphon, a small-barrel 18” Sanitary Sewer Siphon, and 22” air piping. Small amounts of 20”, 24”, and 42” piping and fittings were also included in the project, as well as many fittings, above-ground fabrications and straight-run fusion, Electrofusion up to 48”, and slip-lining of existing steel casings at a depth of approximately 50 feet.

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