From the wellhead to transportation of saltwater disposal and process water, Gajeske’s polyethylene piping products offer safe, leak-free, and time-tested solutions for an ever-changing energy industry and new technology requirements. The energy environment involves many corrosive liquids, crude oil, fracking, water removal, and disposal applications, which all demand strict requirements.

HDPE is a piping product that does not leak, and is also flexible, easy to install, and corrosion- and abrasion-resistant, making it the perfect product for energy industries.




Oil and Gas Gathering

Coal-Bed Methane

Shale Methane

Brine Supply Lines

Oilfield Water Transfer

Condensate Returns

Wet Gas

Sour Gas

CO₂ & H₂S

Industry Projects

Working through Total Operating and Construction, Gajeske supplied gas-gathering HDPE piping and fusion services for Energen Resources. The piping system was approximately 17 miles long and was utilized for brine water transfer, gas gathering, and saltwater disposal.

Working through AOF Inc. for Marathon Oil, Gajeske supplied HDPE pipe, valves, fittings, fusion work and custom fabrication for the creation of six holding and recovery ponds used for fracking recovery water, brine, and freshwater transfer.

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