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Many different applications to choose from

HDPE - We carry two configurations of valves - flange and fusible.  Both configurations are available in ball, butterfly, check, gas and steel.

•  Ball - All valves feature a stainless steel valve housed in a polyethylene configuration.

•  Butterfly - Available in wafer and standard

•  Check - 100% Polyethylene

•  Gas - Tighter tolerance, ball only

•  Steel, Forged steel comes in various configurations - gate, ball, butterfly, check and can be produced in a number of metals

AVK Valves

Synonymous with quality, AVK sets the standard in high quality valves. With a worldwide reputation, Gajeske is proud to represent this brand in North America. These long life valves are ideal for stormwater systems, irrigation systems and wastewater systems.  These types of applications often demand extremely high reliability and durability.  These valves are capable of handling high temperatures, high pressures and water with aggressive chemicals.