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•  Water - High density polyethylene pipe is a cost effective solution for all water and waste water projects.  From municipal, industrial, marine and agriculture applications, our products have been utilized above ground, buried, slip lined and sub-surface.

•  Gas - Our gas pipe products are graded for high pressure, where leak-free applications are a must.  It’s high resistance to chemicals and corrosion make this material ideal for HDPE gas projects

•  Industrial - Our FM approved HDPE pipe is available in a wide range of sizes. This industrial pipe provides a highly corrosive resistance solution, is durable and joint-free and is high pressure rated suitable for fire protection.


Gas Transmission & Distribution - Our MDPE pipe products offer a cost effective alternative to traditional steel pipe applications.  From installation to operational performance, MDPE pipe has been utilized for the past decade with a proven long term service life.

Polypropylene Pipe

Polypropylene pipe and fittings are utilized for industrial applications involving corrosive media. These pipe and fittings can be used at temperatures up to 150º F in continuous pressure service and at temperatures up to 180° F with gravity flow conditions. Polypropylene is the lightest of all thermoplastics, with excellent resistance to strong acids except highly active oxidizers, such as nitric acid. Polypropylene also has excellent resistance to weak and strong alkalis and to most organic solvents, and is also a non-conductor of electricity.

Corrugated Pipe

Corrugated pipe is a HDPE variety, and is ideal for municipal, industrial and irrigation applications.  Due to its durability and high resistance to corrosion, corrugated HDPE pipe has become the pipe of choice versus its clay or metal counterparts.