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Fusion Equipment

Rolling & TracStar 412

The Rolling 412 unit is ideal for 4” IPS to 12” DPS pipe fusion. The removable wheeled chassis allows for job site mobility and close quarter use. There is an onboard generator for powering a heater and other devices, and, is available in a self contained gas-powered or electric model.  The unit also has a hydraulic pipe lift aiding in loading and unloading, and is compatible with DataLogger hardware.

Rolling & Pitbull 618

The 618 unit is capable of handling fusion work from 6” IPS to 18” OD.  The removable wheeled chassis and on-board generator make this unit ideal for close quarter work.  Both gas-powered and electric models are available with hydraulic lifts for loading and unloading. The unit is also DataLogger compatible.


The T900 can handle 12”IPS to 36” OD.  This unit is a track-mounted, self-contained, self propelled, all-terrain system. The carriage can be removed for close-quarter use and is also available as an automated version. Other features include dual speed tracks and an onboard generator.

MegaMc 1648

From 16” OD to 48” OD this system is one of the more versatile in the fleet.  Available also as an in-ditch version, the unit features hydraulic clamping, a pivoting heater and facer, hydraulic lift aids and is DataLogger compatible.


The T630 unit can accommodate 8”IPS to 24”OD.  This is a track-mounted, self-contained, self propelled, all-terrain system. There is an onboard generator for powering the heater. The T630 also utilizes a patented Centerline Guidance System with dual speed tracks. It has a wireless remote control for the unit that can provides a safe working environment with precise machine control.

Pit Bull 14

The McElroy Pit Bull 14 is a compact, lightweight, highly reliable and rugged machine. The machine incorporates McElroy's patented Centerline Guidance System, and is design to butt fuse tees, ells and other fittings with consistent, high-quality results. With the semi-automatic locking cam, the Pit Bull 14 locks the movable jaw in place during the cooling cycle.

Sidewinder Models

The McElroy Sidewinder fusion machines give you the ability to saddle fuse 4" IPS and smaller branch saddles, tapping tees and service saddle fittings onto 1 ¼" to 4" IPS main sizes. The Sidewinder is available in two configurations: Jaw Clamp or Chain Clamp. The Jaw Clamp Sidewinder is used for fusing branch saddles, tapping tees and service saddle fittings onto 1¼'' to 4'' IPS main sizes. The Chain Clamp Sidewinder gives you the ability to fuse onto main sizes larger than 4" IPS. Both Sidewinders are DataLogger® compatible.

Multiple Machine Options

DynaMc HP (Hand Pump) machines butt fuse pipe with hand-powered pumps while the DynaMc EP (Electric Pump) is powered by a common hydraulic power unit (HPU). This same HPU can be used with many other DynaMc machines. The HPU also uses a hydraulic accumulator to maintain fusion pressures and reduce power consumption. The DynaMc Autos offer a powerful mix of features and operate within gas industry specification PL2-3:2006 and water industry specification 4-32-08, as well as other specifications.

Datalogger 5

Engineers, pipeline owners and contractors are quickly recognizing the importance of documenting the pipe fusion process. Not only does it provide for increased accountability, but it can be a comprehensive, archival record of the entire job.

The DataLogger 5 from McElroy captures the most information relevant to your job such as GPS locations, jobsite photos and barcoded details from pipe and fittings along with the ability to upload the collected data from the field via wireless connections to the DataLogger® Vault™.

Training on Selected McElroy Equipment with Purchase of new select Machines

If you purchase a McElroy 618, 630 or T900 - Gajeske will provide at no charge our 4 hour Qualification training program for these types of machines for up to 2 individuals.