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•  Molded - FM rated for fluid or liquid applications. From 1/2” - 10”, extrusion molded, full pressure rated, butt socket or extruded.

•  Fabricated - 12” - 63”, standard or full pressure rated. Our FM fabrication process allows for full flexibility for custom angles.

•  Electrofusion - 1/2” - 48”, utilized in space restricted repairs, where work areas require custom connections.

•  PolyPropylene - Configured as a butt weld fillings class, these are molded, ranging in sizes 1” - 12”

Mechanical Fittings

Compression Couplings from Victaulic®

•  For Plain end HDPE Pipe – 2-8”/63-225mm
•  For HDPE-to-Steel Pipe – 2-8” IPS HDPE to 2-8”/50-200mm IPS Grooved Steel and 63-225mm ISO HDPE to 2-8”/50-200mm ISO Grooved Steel, designed to provide a single transition from plain end HDPE pipe to grooved steel sized piping system components
• For Double Grooved HDPE Pipe – 8-36” IPS and 250-900mm ISO

All Victaulic® Couplings are designed for use with HDPE pipe from SDR 7 to 17 and meet or exceed the pressure rating of the HDPE pipe.

Risers and Transitions

Gajeske offers a variety of riser options for residential and commercial applications, including custom manufacturing to specific requirements. Our risers offer a safe and simple method for connecting and transitioning from the PE pipe from below the ground to the above ground piping system.

Gajeske transition fittings provide a pull-out strength greater than the PE tubing to which they are connected. These fittings ensure a positive seal making them ideal for gas and water applications requiring a steel-to-polyethylene transition. All Gajeske transition fittings are laboratory and field tested for regulatory compliance.


Gajeske is an authorized distributor for Central Plastics, Tega and Friatec electrofusion couplings. Sizes range from 2" thru 24" and larger for custom project needs based on the manufacturer.

Gajeske also stocks electrofusion equipment for situations that require a smaller profile for fusions or repairs. These portable units have been designed for small diameter gas, water and industrial applications. The units are very intuitive, designed for multiple and speedy installations and utilize a self-diagnostic error detection system. Our expertise with the use and capabilities of the Fisher or Tega products is unmatched as our trained staff is available for product recommendations or equipment operation if needed.


Polypropylene fittings feature impact-resistant, glass-reinforced polypropylene construction for excellent chemical resistance. They can be used in fertilizer, herbicide, and insecticide handling applications, as well as for industrial applications, such as waste, saltwater, and cooling water handling.