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Aggregate and Mining

Polyethylene piping systems are a perfect solution to meet abrasion needs in the aggregate and mining industry.

The wear characteristics of HDPE polyethylene is far superior to other piping materials offering longer life, flexibility and lower long-term costs for applications.

Product Applications Industry Projects

In the mining industry, our product offerings usually center around water management. Polyethylene has replaced steel pipe as the product of choice due to its versatility, weight, installation and abrasion resistant properties. Lasting longer than its steel counterpart, the polyethylene product line complements a number of aggregate and mining applications.

•  Working with Turnkey Processing at the Wisconsin Proppants facility, Gajeske supplied HDPE piping and fusion equipment to support the new plant facility. The combination of slurry and water piping was supplied as well as fusion training.  Sizes ranged from 4” to 18” for the 40,000 foot project.

•  At the Cemex plant in New Braunfels, Texas, Gajeske performed fusion services and supplied materials for the 24” slurry line to the new Balcones Tertiary Plant.  They also installed over 1 mile of 24” and smaller diameters of HDPE for incidental water lines throughout the facility.

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Training on Selected McElroy Equipment with Purchase of new select Machines

If you purchase a McElroy 618, 630 or T900 - Gajeske will provide at no charge our 4 hour Qualification training program for these types of machines for up to 2 individuals.