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The buoyancy and corrosion resistant properties of polyethylene make the material ideal for floatation systems in the marine industry.

Our large diameter pipe products are utilized for dredging, pilings, floats and salt water intake lines. The material has an extended project life, can be fabricated at our location and installed with less time and disruption.

Product Applications Industry Projects

The marine industry has identified polyethylene products as a standard for dredging, salt water intake lines, processing of fresh water, and floatation solutions for marinas.

Gajeske is actively supplying third parties with components for flotation systems, pilings, and salt water extraction systems.  We offer consulting and design services as well as training for installation.

• Russel Marine - We supply piling covers, and polyethylene bumpers on an ongoing basis for an all-dock facility in Corpus Christi and Browsnville, Texas. 

• Mike Hooks Dredging - For their inland dredge units, Mike Hooks Dredging utilizes Gajeske polyethylene piping for the wear resistance and longevity of the product. In this situation, polyethylene piping has proven to outlast steel and serves as an efficient and viable solution. 

• US Corp of Engineers - In order to maintain safety in facilities, polyethylene piping is used for its high visibility (yellow) in order to communicate hazardous areas within the marinas. Used as a warning barrier to active ships in the area, the product is easy to handle and manageable with fewer resources needed to implement the solution.

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