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The high corrosive environments in the energy applications is well-suited for the resistant qualities of polyethylene pipe.

From the well head to transportation of salt water disposal and process water, Gajeske's polyethylene piping products offer safe, leak-free and time tested solutions for the ever changing industry and new technology requirements. 

Product Applications Industry Projects

The energy environment has many corrosive liquids. Crude oil, fracking, water removal and disposal all have equally harsh requirements demanding corrosive and abrasion resistant piping materials. Gajeske has been supplying those components for the last 30 years.

•  Working through Total Operating and Construction, Gajeske supplied gas gathering HDPE piping and fusion services for Energen Resources.  The piping system was approximately 17 miles and was utilized for brine water transfer, gas gathering and salt water disposal.

•  Working through AOF Inc. for Marathon Oil, Gajeske supplied HDPE pipe, valves, fittings, fusion work and custom fabrication for the creation of 6 holding and recovery ponds used for Frac recovery water, brine and fresh water transfer.

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